Assorted Vintage Antique Design Place Card Holders

Assorted Vintage Antique Design Place Card Holders

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Its nostalgia at its best with these realistic replica place card holders

Time changes everything but isn't it nice to know that you can bring a true touch of the good old days back to any occasion with favours - like these place card holders - from fun&favours special Vintage Collection?

Each piece is carefully crafted to closely resemble the classic model from yesteryear. and, this fabulous assortment of fun is sure to get the memories - and the party - started

Description and details:

Each measures Approximately 4 tall x 1 3/4 wide

Hand painted poly resin bases with incredible details for realistic results

Assortment of four designs

Classic rotary telephone - just like grandma used to use

Traditional film camera - to make your event picture perfect

Old style phonograph with silver horn speaker - will be music to their ears

Old school alarm clock - lets them know when to get the party started

Silver metal wire holder with coiled top for easy insertion of place card, photo or note

Priced individually but ships in four-piece assortment

Bulk packed with blank place cards included